Albums of the Year: David Lillberg

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Albums of the Year: David Lillberg

5 years have passed since In Passage. On the one hand you can hear these 5 years in the wide, atmospheric, but never completly graspable dreamscapes on Hibernation, on the other hand one can get lost immediately in the timelessness of the fourth record by Immanu El. Seems logical, that the musical preferences of keyboarder and producer David Lillberg cannot be held back by the boundaries of the year 2016. [Don’t miss Immanu El on the upcomming tour!]

This year I feel like the common ground of all music that I’ve been listening much to is creativity. I’ve been inspired by artists whom allow them selfs a bigger palette. Warm listening recommendations for the artists and albums below.

radiohead-the-king-of-limbsRadiohead – The King of Limbs

One of my absolute go-to albums for 2016 (probably hits my chart every other year since 2011). I’m constantly inspired of Radioheads ability to renew them selfs and the level of creative freedom and detail. It’s just an adventure to explore every layer, what equipment was used, what mics… and on and on and on…

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laura-mvula-the-dreaming-roomLaura Mvula – The Dreaming Room

Fantastic voice, great rhythms and beautiful harmonies. Ever since first hearing Father Father from her previous release I’ve been amazed by this talent. Laura creates an organic landscape in the middle of jazz and pop and tops it all with a voice that bares heritage from Nina Simone.

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burial-rival-dealerBurial – Rival Dealer

After skipping out on the first 6-7 minutes of the release which I rarely bare with, unless I loop the whole album, Burial sends me on a trip through a rainy landscape. Though the mood is dark I always somehow end up smiling at the end of the road.

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blood-orange-freetown-soundBlood Orange – Freetown Sound

Dev Hynes is a mastermind whom paints his pictures with what ever he feels like or with what happens to be close to him at the moment of creation. Very inspiring!

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sigur-rosSigur Ros – ( )

Listening to this album now 2016, I just can’t believe this was done in 2002. People talk too little about this production. The depth of the soundscape is massive yet the presence is so close it’s unbelievable. One of my main challenges to master for 2017. I absolutely fell in love with this childhood album again this year. Big respect to all creators and technicians contributing to this release.

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