Albums of the Year: Plebeian Grandstand

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Albums of the Year: Plebeian Grandstand
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Where we thought that the beastly Lowgazers already tightened the thumbscrews as much as possible, Plebeian Grandstand managed to refine their „dissonant and asymmetric blend of black metal, hardcore rage and apocalyptic atmospheres“ even more: the unsettling maelstrom False Highs, True Lows shows the band from Toulouse even more complex, engaging and intense than before. Plebeian Grandstand have always been an exceptional band, but now, they’ve fully arrived at the pinnacle of the genre.

Ivo Kaltchev

jute-gyte-perduranceJute Gyte – Perdurance

The latest album from one of the weirdest, most creative and nightmarish extreme metal projects ever. Adam Kalmbach’s nerdy one man band mixes microtonal guitar dissonances, black metal insanity, challenging time signatures and a taste for artistic hybridation and exploration. Shitty (sorry : « trve ») sound, some leftover metal « gimmicks » and little catchiness in the songwritting, but REALLY avant-garde and sounds like nothing else.

Links: Bandcamp | [amazon_link id=“B01FK3FC5Y“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

daelek-asphalt-for-edenDälek – Asphalt for Eden

My favourite dark and industrial hip-hop band are back with a good album, not their darkest or noisiest or most creative one, just solid songs with that urban/serious/smokey vibe and calm/adult flow. For you pure metalheads : NO, hip hop is not always wannabe gangsta / poser / bling bling crap with cheesy instrumentals, no more than every BM band sounds like Cradle of Filth. Hopefully.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B01BKUCG1E“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Simon Chaubard

christian-scott-a-tunde-adjuah-stretch-musicChristian Scott aTunde Adjuah – Stretch Music

Seven years ago, one of my best friend introduced me to Scott’s music and since then I’m following with passion the evolution of this young New Orleans’s jazz trumpeter. Album after album (Stretch Music is his tenth), he keeps pushing and stretching the genre’s limits, exploring electronic textures, discreet guitar dissonance, blending jazz sophistication, hip-hop attitude and the edginess of alternative rock. Definitely one of the best and forward-thinking jazz musician of his generation.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B0139NBK94″ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Adrien Broué

blood-orange-freetown-soundBlood Orange – Freetown Sound

Summer on the road is great but being 100% of your time around metalheads can be sometimes exhausting. This album was the perfect shelter against growls and inherent emotional lifts of touring. Made of sweetness, beauty and ambition, you’re roaming along hazy spaces and exhilarating choruses. Each track brings you a bit deeper into the complex universe of this Test Icicles ex-member. Everything I expect from a pop album is inside Freetown Sound: risk and precision. My favorite of the year.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B01GSLL0SK“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Olivier Lolmède

spektr-the-art-to-disappearSpektr – The Art to Disappear

French duo Spektr released a new opus this year, after the fabulous Cypher in 2013.
9 tracks, well balanced between cold and dark atmospheres. A very subtle work on the sampling production which admirably highlights the whole „9 track concept album„.
I choose this album because the tracks are greatly linked and sequenced, it’s a full length you should listen to from begining to end.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B0194XTROS“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

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