Albums of the Year: Mikael Kjellman

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Albums of the Year: Mikael Kjellman
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Without trying to undersell the five previous records by the Swedes, List makes one thing clear: Martyrdöd have surpassed themselves. Through 38 minutes, the band from Gothenburg burn down everything along their way, and whip their D-Beat through crustpunk over death metal and let it crash straight into hardcore, while still maintaining their hypermelodic guitar escapades that find the fine line between rough brutality and dizzying epicness. Martyrdöd have always been an exceptional band, but manage to tighten the screws of perfection on List further than ever. Mikael Micke Kjellman and his records of the year:

Actually five of my absolute all time favorites all released albums in 2016. 

Dinosaur Jr. - Give a Glimpse of What Yer NotDinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

The first in line for my top-5 list of 2016 comes from one of my favorite guitar players (and vocalists, hehe): No one else but the enigmatic J Mascis of course.
Dinosaur Jr returns with an album that in many ways sound like a culmination of their finest moments and all their influnces combined to one sweet fest overdriven/Pixies-driven Power pop/rock combined with Classic and heavy rock .. Im especially enchanted by the Mascis-parts and tracks like I Walk for Miles, Good to Know or Be a Part.

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discharge-end-of-daysDischarge – End of Days

The vocals sound great and bring back the Cal-styled warchants with just the right desperate pronounciation and style of rhythm, combined with some of the most deadly bass-driven groove ever created possibly. Discharge latest is a fun listen from start to finish..
Discharge is also one of my all time favorite punk bands. Altough I have to admit the Martyrdöd-style is more of an abomination from later Swedish Hardcore, with guitars up front, haha (like Bombanfall, and especially Early-Skitsystem and Wolfpack).

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harley-flanagan-cro-magsHarley Flanagan – Cro Mags

Next to Discharge the opening track stands out as a contester for World-D-beat domination. With a thundering Motör-drive bass Lead, Harley takes the Discharge bass playing style to another level..
The vocals sound hoarse, but still very pissed off, in your face, and punishing! Overall the album is a fun listen from start to finish.

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Fires Within FiresNeurosis – Fires Within Fires

I was Immidiately inspired by the opening track Bending Light. When I heard and was glad to also discover an album that brings to mind some of the urgency and desperate vocal deliverance, from their early days, and reminiscent of records like Souls at Zero, Enemy of the Sun and Through Silver in Blood. One can still trace the pride and roots of an unbroken eastbay punk Hc/post-musical lineage – like the stripes of an old tiger.

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PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition ProjectPJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project

Pj Harvey is another hero of mine, whom I absolutely admire when it comes to powerful expressive songwriting. The album is an eclectic set of songs, she goes trough a lot of different styles of expression. There are many highlights on this album, that shows she still know how to write masterful hooks and catchy tunes like no one else.

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Martyrdöd online: Facebook | Website | Bandcamp | Twitter | [amazon_link id=“B01M18RZKY“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link] || Southern Lord

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