Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Keeper

von am 12. Dezember 2014 in Adventskalender 2014

Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Keeper

At the end of this thriumphal past year in doom, a two-piece from California stands out from the heap of excellent releases in the genre – with their debut of all things. And the 46 minues served don’t only work as a first demonstration of talent for Keeper, even in this early state the band succeeds in articulating their hate and disgust for the world between perfectly formed crust and noise-innuendos. Jacob Lee and Penny Keats play this nihilistic mixture from close to scratch, and instantly positioned themselves as one of the most unapologetic current genre bands.

5. Beyoncé – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00O87J9NU“ target=“_blank“ ]Beyoncé [Platinum Edition][/amazon_link]‘
This might be cheating because the original album was releases in 2013, but with a few new songs and a grip of awesome remixes I’m going to count it. I had this album on repeat for just as long as the Interpol album, but with the bass in my car set to „+5“ . Yonce‘ is just too good and too fun, this album is pretty ‚Flawless‘. – PK

4. Monarch! – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00KNVF6OG“ target=“_blank“ ]Sabbracadaver[/amazon_link]‘
In my opinion this is Monarch’s strongest release yet. The songs are noticeably more structured, which I’m sure helped them gain new fans, and feature some of the most memorable riffs since ‚Sabbat Noir‚. Emilie’s haunting whispers, mourning wails, and shattering screams are wonderfully produced. From start to finish, the songs invoke feelings of pain and despair which climax in the final track ‚Mortes‚. To me, that song brings closure and acceptance of what this life is for us. – JL

3. Plebian Grandstand – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00ISUPJ9G“ target=“_blank“ ]Lowgazers[/amazon_link]‘
2014 was my big „blackened“ year, so this album came at just the right time. There were several other contestants for this slot (Honorable mention Hope Drone) But the way this album feels ‚black“ without being all the other black metal songs, is really what impresses me. -PK

2. Young And In The Way – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00JAZTW46″ target=“_blank“ ]When Life Comes to Death[/amazon_link]‘
This album blew me away with its combination of hardcore and all that is blackened. Not only do they fuse the genres into one, at parts, but they also transition from one to the other effortlessly. The first track is a great example, primarily a hardcore track with plenty of token circle pit parts, until it suddenly plummets to the bleak void. Each songs stands alone very well, but flow together even better. The production is so raw and personal. They also get bonus points for making me cry with their acoustic song, ‚Shadow Of Murder‚, a type of song most bands would not risk attempting. – JL

1. Interpol – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00KRYKHH0″ target=“_blank“ ]El Pintor[/amazon_link]‘
One of my all time favorite bands, maybe my favorite band actually. ‚El Pintor‘ is certainly my favourite album by them. Their last selftitled album had a lot of experimental and progressive elements that really grew on me over time. This album maintains that feel in places but also seems to reach back to the older stuff that made them big in the first place. All those elements combined make this an A+ album for me. – PK

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