Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Justin Pearson

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Justin Pearson

With the myriad of different projects Justin Pearson has going on at the same time, one has to wonder if the scene-icon from San Diego can find some time to recreate. Not only does he open our annual Heavy Pop advent calendar, he’s also cooperating with Luke Henshaw as Plan B, revived all-star supergroup Head Wound City and founded – with ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and (former) Retox colleagues Michael Crain and Gabe Serbian equally high-quality cast – Dead Cross. Talking about Retox: their furious sophomore album ‚Beaneath California‚ brings up another question more important then the one about Pearson’s rest periods – how does this dude keep getting better and better?

Metz - IIMetz – [amazon_link id=“B00UL1EOUK“ target=“_blank“ ]II[/amazon_link]

Not a lot needs to be said about Metz in my opinion. It’s completely obvious, they are a totally ripping band, and totally ripping dudes. I can not get enough of this band.

Soundtrack Birdman[amazon_link id=“B00PUHEJU0″ target=“_blank“ ]Birdman Motion Picture Soundtrack[/amazon_link]

Antonio Sanchez nailed it with this soundtrack. The placement of the pieces in the film are perfect, creating tension and emotion. But even on the music’s own, it stands up and is great as just audio.

Zeus! – [amazon_link id=“B014UV7426″ target=“_blank“ ]Motomonotono[/amazon_link]

One of the greatest duo’s around. As a bassist I can appreciate when a two piece can execute just using the bass to fill the space around the drums. Their approach is so unique and unlike anything else.

Sonido De La Frontera - Cumbia MundialSonido De La FronteraCumbia Mundial

This may have come out prior to 2015, but I just discovered it this year. This project consists of San Diego comrades presenting a very cultural album pertaining to the world that it is. Makes me think I’m not caucasian on the inside.

Into Violence - Into ViolenceInto Violence – [amazon_link id=“B015LX29UO“ target=“_blank“ ]Into Violence[/amazon_link]

Awesome thrash from Seattle, that was lingering for a while and finally got to see the light of day. Straight forward and hard, but with a progressive element added, which brings it up to date.

Thanks, Justin Pearson!

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