Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: KMPFSPRT

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: KMPFSPRT

2014 couldn’t have started better for KMPFSPRT: „Jugend Mutiert“ easily lived up to the high expectations euphoric concert reviews and the „Das ist doch kein Name für ‚ne Band“ EP were suggesting. Close to eleven months later, the albums punkr rock hits lost nothing of their pressure and vigor. It doesn’t surprise, thatt 2015 seems to be off to an equally good start: the split single with Boysetsfire is ready to go, looks amazing, and serves a good cause. For the time being, guitar player David gives off some recommendations for 2014.

The Menzingers – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00ILKGB1I“ target=“_blank“ ]Rented World[/amazon_link]‘

When Jawbreaker stopped making music after ‚Dear You‚, I thought it was the end of the world. Good form e, that it lasted only close to twenty years for The Menzingers to make an album, which gives me everything that I always loved so much about Jawbreaker: outstanding harmonies, great lyrics and an amazingly tight atmosphere, that completley spans itself through ‚Rented World‚. Exceptionally great on every level.

Weezer – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00M2D7L2I“ target=“_blank“ ]Everything Will Be Alright in the End[/amazon_link]‘

Probably just like all Day One fans of ‚Pinkerton‚, I gave up on Weezer a long time ago. Too many mediocre to unbearable albums full of uninspired songs, unworthy of a talent like that of Rivers Cuomo. And suddenly, this! Almost every song on ‚Everything Will be Alright in the End‚ is an incredible Weezer-hit that haunts me in my sleep and ist ehre again when I wake up. Finally, Rivers is back to doing what we love him for: ultra-melodic sugary pop-hymns that get you addicted. Great late work.

The Smiths Street Band – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00NPCSDJU“ target=“_blank“ ]Throw Me in the River[/amazon_link]‘

I almost can’t believe it, but I was so close to never even hear The Smiths Street Band. The name sounded too much like an Ex-punk-rocker-does-Springsteen-band to me. Luckily, our bass player Dennis turned on ‚Throw me in the River‚ in our tour bus some day, and I was blown away. How unbelievably good is this album? Somewhere between rough dude-punk and sensitive storyteller-folk, these Australians claim their own part of history, and take care of old geezers like me and their band name prejudices. Many thanks for that!

Morrissey – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00KAMX1MM“ target=“_blank“ ]World Peace Is None of Your Business[/amazon_link]‘

I don’t even know if it’s the new album, or if it’s just because it’s Morrissey, but I just can’t NOT listen to his songs. There’s something about his voice, his lyrics, that just grips me, despite all the controversies, and that brings me to a place where I listened The Smiths‘ ‚Louder Than Bombs‚ for the first time when I was 18. It may sound lofty, but it fits Morrissey and his records. Even if he obviously stole ‚I’m Not a Man‘ from Propagandhi!

Modern Baseball – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00HEM1P0Q“ target=“_blank“ ]You’re Gonna Miss It All[/amazon_link]‘

I love nerdy punk rock, and it doesn’t get much nerdier than Modern Baseball. The music on ‚You’re Gonna Miss it All‚ probably doesn’t even qualify as punk rock for most people, but hey: their bass player wore a Ramones shirt on stage! Apart from that they ignite poppunk-meets-indie-folk fireworks, that makes me feel like 17 again, and that I’m allowed to yearn for all the girls that I’ll never get anyway. Except if I played (for) Modern Baseball.

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Many thanks to David/KMPFSPRT fort he participation at the Heavy Pop Advent calendar – and of course to Linda (specifically) and Uncle M (in general and anyway!) for all the kindness!

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