Albums of the Year List by: Celeste

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Albums of the Year List by: Celeste

Day 18 of the HeavyPop Advent calendar brings us France’s most intense band. Usually friends of rapid-fire releases (three and a half records over the course of five years) Lyon’s Celeste took nearly three years to meticulously craft their Opus Magnum ‚Animale(s)‚, and every second of work shows on their pitch-black conceptual work of art. Never before did Celeste sound more detailed, more coherent – in short: better. It was hard to imagine after the already outstanding ‚Morte(s) Nee(s)‚, but Celeste outdid themselves again.


Deftones - Koi No YokanDeftones – ‚[amazon_link id=“B009ERK1T0″ target=“_blank“ ]Koi No Yokan[/amazon_link]‘
After I listened to the first track ‚Leather‚, it became my most (and only) anticipated album of the year. I was actually quite disapointed when first listened to the whole album, but after a few listenings I really got into it. This album is maybe one of their best, and I’m more and more impressed by Chino Moreno’s work. I get easily bored when I listen too much to an album I like, but it never happen with this band.


Ataraxie – L'être et la nauseaAtaraxie – ‚L’être et la nausea‘
I just discovered that this band recorded a new release few weeks ago, and in the past when i heard about this band for the first time in live and then on cd, I was already intrested by their music, composed of a mix of metal, doom, and evil parts. They play „simple“ melodies but efficients. And with the last one, I think they did better, simple dark riffs guitars but efficients again, with a darker atmosphere and a diversity of the drums andza guitars rithmics that I like. There’s also a very instresting touch in the voice in this band, sometimes on the edge to fall apart. The only bad way of this record, sometimes some parts are a bit too long even if it’s atmospheric or doomy.


RC-Memorial-US-LP-Gatefold_FNLRussian Circles – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00F5VQIM8″ target=“_blank“ ]Memorial[/amazon_link]‘
Normally I am not really into post-rock stuff and even if I love to see this band on stage, I didn’t enjoy that much their previous albums.
On this one, the production is far from being perfect but I found it well balanced between metal inspiration (sometimes with „evil“ guitar riffs), and good post-rock melodies. And of course, as always, this awesome drumming groove. Usually i don’t listen a lot of music, but I’ve listened this one so much times that I almost know it by heart.


Ulcerate – VermisUlcerate – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00DMWBSPO“ target=“_blank“ ]Vermis[/amazon_link]‘
I really like this band and all their albums.
The drums destroy everything and they manage to have epicness in the symphony and very complex structures in the same time. It’s a real pleasure to listen to them and i think it’s an unrecognized band.
I recommend them to all fans of intense and modern black/death metal.

Celeste online: Facebook | Bandcamp | Denovali Records | MySpace | BigCartel Webshop

Thanks to Celeste for joining the Heavypop Advent calender 2013!

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