Albums of the Year: Justin Greaves

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Albums of the Year: Justin Greaves
© Zsolt Reti

A lot of other bands probably would have crumbled under the experiences Crippled Black Phoenix were going through for the past few years. But Justin Greaves? Bares his teeth and pushes ever onward with projects like Se Delan, his works for soundtracks – and above all Criplled Black Phoenix, where he tightened the reins, leading to what eventually turned out to be the prog juggernaut‘s most ructious album to date. Bronze is a dark tour de force, that managed to connect its many dots – from the monstrously grinding riffs to Daniel Äghide’s impulsive vocals – to an uncompromising triumphal procession. The picture of the mythical bird rising from its ashes probably never fit Greaves band better than right now, and their (not so) secret motto – Rise up and fight! – has transitioned into way of life with the work around, towards and on Bronze at the latest.

[Crippled Black Phoenix are right now on tour! Don’t miss them at the Arena in Austria!]

In no particular order…

the-devils-trade-those-miles-we-walked-aloneThe Devils Trade – Those Miles We Walked Alone

Amazing guy from Budapest who is touring with us too. I love this album and seeing him live is a real emotional experience.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B018MUQ1WU“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

shahmen-all-in-the-circleShahmen – All In The Circle

Dark hip-hop, real voice… great stuff.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B00XDI3X6Y“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

hammers-of-misfortune-dead-revolutionHammers Of Misfortune – Dead Revolution

If I want to listen to good solid rock music, I go to Hammers Of Misfortune. Again they come out with a stunning album which is classic and different at the same time.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B01G6K9YDG“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

horseback-dead-ringersHorseback – Dead Ringers

Super trip heavy music, like a mantra of dirt. Meditation time.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B01GWAP7TA“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

oranssi-pazuzu-vaeraehtelijaeOranssi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä

Amazing psychedelic black metal inspired dark trip. Only a recent discovery, but I think I need to explore more of this stuff.

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B01BGK1TSO“ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Sondererwähnung :

publicist-uk-forgive-yourselfPublicist UK – Forgive Yourself

I love these guys, dark rock with a distinct 80s tinge. Managed to get them to come out on tour with us. Amazing band!

Links: Facebook | [amazon_link id=“B010FP0X06″ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

Crippled Black Phoenix online : Facebook | Website | Bandcamp | Twitter | [amazon_link id=“B01LVZ0S07″ target=“_blank“ ]Amazon[/amazon_link] || Season of Mist

Photo Credit © @ Zsolt Reti

Cheers, Justin Greaves!

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