Albums of the Year: Nick Chiericozzi

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Albums of the Year: Nick Chiericozzi

Devil Music feels a jewel out of time. It’s rare these days to find such unrestrained ecstatic records like The Men’s first record in almost two years: the infectious energy, that was documented on analogue 4-track by Jordan Lovlace and Jonathan Schenke was set free by Rich Samis, Kevin Faulkner, Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perrosic over the course of just one weekend. No wonder that the first bands that come to mind after these driven 35 minutes are excessive maniacs like the Stooges or MC5. The Men did their homework – and Nick Chiericozzi a little list for the Heavy Pop advent calendar.

hailu-mergia-dahlak-band-wede-harer-guzoHailu Mergia & Dahlak Band – Wede Harer Guzo

This is a collection of recordings that features some Ethiopian standards redone in the Dahlak band’s style as well as some original tunes. It’s a double record and there are only a couple of tracks with vocals. There’s a sustaining organ driving throughout. It makes you really feel stoned, sedated and very positive.

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pharaoh-sanders-tauhidPharaoh Sanders – Tauhid

I heard about this record a while ago from Ron Asheton. He cited it as one of the things the guys would sit around and listen to in the fun house. I finally got around to it, 50 yrs after its release. I’m not punctual. The saxophone is featured but it’s the entire soundscape, the vocals and the construction of the songs that impressed me. The album has three songs and you can keep flipping this thing all day.

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honey-love-is-hardHoney – Love is Hard

Here’s another flipper and ripper. I’ve seen Honey play quite a bit and they keep getting better and better. It’s hard to believe Love is Hard is a band’s first record. It’s trill groovy.

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gun-outfit-about-the-pictureGun Outfit – About the Picture (cassette)

There’s a true stream of consciousness feel to some of these lyrics and the feel of the band doing one take for each song. I didn’t realize they covered Waylon Jennings or Lavender Country on this cassette release until my friend looked it up. I said, „this band just wrote two country classics!“ Gun Outfit keeps getting better, too. I used to think bands got worse.

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Leonard Cohen - You Want it DarkerLeonard Cohen – You Want it Darker

The old master came down from the mountain, seated, wounded from love, with pain in his back and a sly grin on his face to give us this record. It’s amazing how life does work out… „Year by year, month by month, day by day, thought by thought“. I’m grateful for this man and this album.

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