Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Goodtime Boys

von am 6. Dezember 2014 in Adventskalender 2014

Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Goodtime Boys

Waiting for the debut album of the Goodtime Boys felt like an eternity. And as it turns out it was worth waiting: ‚Rain‚ not only keeps the promises a number of EPs made since 2011, but elevates tehir qualities onto the next level. With outstanding songs like Wallflower‘, ‘Life Moves‘, ‘Cloudbursts‘ or ‘Downpour and songwriting that succeeds in expressing aggressiveness without losing a keen sense for grand melodies, with a spacious sound that sets itself apart from the genres sameyness, and lyrics that crawl beneath the skin. Hardcore can be so beautiful.


Prawn – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00L4OL8DO“ target=“_blank“ ]Kingfisher[/amazon_link]‘
We played a real fun basement show with these guys in New Jersey back on Loma tour in 2013, i’ve followed them ever since. great record, sounds like a more indie Brand New.

Xerxes – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00GZC7OVA“ target=“_blank“ ]Collision Blonde[/amazon_link]‘
Only heard this record last week and loved it, really different from their over stuff, It’s like 90’s Dark Indie meets Screamo.

Cloud Nothings – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00I8Z9KQE“ target=“_blank“ ]Here and Nowhere Else[/amazon_link]‘
I just love this guys voice, such a catchy record.

Basement – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00LDL8G8S“ target=“_blank“ ]Further Sky[/amazon_link]‘
Love the guitar tones on this record, some of the leads sound like they could be on ‚(What’s the Story) Morning Glory‚ which is a great thing!

Lana Del Ray – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00KC9GPCG“ target=“_blank“ ]Ultraviolence[/amazon_link]‘
Great record, super moody an easily one of my fav contemporary singers.

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Many thanks to Sam/Goodtime Boys fort he participation at the Heavy Pop Advent calendar!

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