Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Oozing Wound

Whoever thought Oozing Wound needed to regenerate after last years raging effortRetrash‚ could not have reckoned with the overflowing energy of the Chicago three-piece: not only did the jewel in the crown that is Thrill Jockey shine with an incredible split with Black Pus and a mean Adult Swim single, 2014 also saw an added ounce of heaviness behind the glorious Artwork of their second album Earth Suck‚. Oozing Wound don’t leave much to be desired, except for maybe the one thing of being able to see them taking apart European stages.

We don’t believe there are any records that are the BEST because that’s stupid. Most of these year-end lists are filled with a ton of shit you won’t even listen to next year let alone hear of again. So here’s some records that we think are great from 2014, but I would never dare to call them BESTIES.

Total Control‚[amazon_link id=“B00M97DW2U“ target=“_blank“ ]Typical System[/amazon_link]‘
My best guess is that they threw Depeche Mode and Gang of Four in a blender and decided to play it all nice-like. Tight grooves and a lot of restraint. This record doesn’t rip but it makes yo booty shake.

Ariel Pink – [amazon_link id=“B00NMXE102″ target=“_blank“ ]Pom Pom[/amazon_link]‘
I really don’t give a shit what this guy says on the internet, and honestly I don’t need like 3 essays from Pitchfork about him either. I’ve looked forward to every release since I first heard Doldroms and House Arrest back in 2004 and this one is way better than the Haunted Graffiti album from two years ago.

Platinum Boys – ‚Future Hits
The album title is completely true. The best marriage of power pop and Black Sabbath that I’ve ever heard. I fucking love this record.

Melkbelly – ‚Doomspringa
A little all over the place from soft folkiness to balls-out Kraut rock. Nothing for everyone on this beast. A real treat if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Lord Mantis – [amazon_link id=“B00IA1VQR2″ target=“_blank“ ]Death Mask[/amazon_link]‘
A bit of a step back in terms of the serpentine horror of their last record Septichrist but it’s just so fucking evil. I love Lord Mantis and I can’t wait to be sacrificed to this leader of insects.

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Many Thanks to Oozing Wound for their participation to the Heavy Pop Advent calender 2014 – and of course to Ken from Thrill Jockey for his kindness!

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