Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Bryan Tulao (Mother Tongue)

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Bryan Tulao (Mother Tongue)
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November 5th 2015 can be considered a new holiday for every fan of Mother Tongue: for the first time in half a decade Davo Gould, Christian Leibfried, Bryan Tulao and Sasha Popovic shared a stage again. And going by witness reports, nothing changed during Mother Tongue‘s long absence, with their live-shows still being happenings of magical intensity. And while our hopes that the band will channel their forces into some new material in the near future are rekindled, Bryan Tulao found time for a special visit at the Heavy Pop advent calendar 2015.

Chelsea Wolfe - AbyssChelsea Wolfe – [amazon_link id=“B00WREOEEA“ target=“_blank“ ]Abyss[/amazon_link]

I’ve been listening to this record a lot. Saw them play here in Los Angeles recently, Was easily one of the best shows i have experienced in a long while. Incredibly powerful, vulnerable, dark and soulful… One of my favorite artists.

A Place To Bury StrangersA Place to Bury Strangers Live – “Transfixiation Tour“: Live at The Echo, Los Angeles

Amazing live band!!! Always blown away each time i’ve seen them play live. And this particular show at The Echo here in LA a few months ago was beyond amazing! Dark and extremely LOUD! I’m a huge fan of their tones and vibe. One of the only bands that can truly claim to „Melt Faces„. I listen to this most recent A Place to Bury Strangers record [amazon_link id=“B00PRL17SG“ target=“_blank“ ]Transfixiation[/amazon_link] often.

Drab Majesty - CarelessDrab MajestyCareless

Like floating in a Goth Ice cave of Chorus/ Flanger colors and cavernous reverb/ Delay washes. This mystical one man project of my friend ( and sometimes band mate) Andrew Clinco aka Deb Demure, is a constant on my vinyl turntable.

Under the Skin[amazon_link id=“B00LR3IMYA“ target=“_blank“ ]Under The Skin[/amazon_link]

I don’t know if this counts because this film was released in 2013, but i have recently found it online and find myself watching it over and over and over… One of my favorite films in recent years. And the beautifully eerie Film score by [amazon_link id=“B00IM50C0I“ target=“_blank“ ]Mica Levi[/amazon_link] is incredible.

Swans - To Be KindSwans – [amazon_link id=“B00J0REDFW“ target=“_blank“ ]To Be Kind[/amazon_link]

I’m actually listening to this record as i write this. Although this Particular record was released in 2014, i play it often. Michael Gira, and Swans are a HUGE musical inspiration for me. Swans are a consistent music listening in my home & car.

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Thanks to Bryan Tulao / Mother Tongue

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