Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Die Sterne

von am 17. Dezember 2014 in Adventskalender 2014

Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Die Sterne

Back from the dancefloor they played four years ago, Die Sterne dip their pop-toes into psychedelic and souly waters on ‚Flucht in die Flucht‚, but specifically tighten their rock-strings – and succeed in securing their spot as one of the most dependable bands of the german speaking area. On the 15th day oft he Heavy Pop advent calendar, vocalist Frank Spilker tells us, which songs impressed him the most in 2014.

1. Jens Friebe – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00NR7J6BM“ target=“_blank“ ]What Will Death Be Like[/amazon_link]‘
2. Mutter – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00N3RSZ0Y“ target=“_blank“ ]Wer hat schon Lust so zu leben[/amazon_link]‘

3. Timber Timbre – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00J928OJY“ target=“_blank“ ]Bring Me Simple Men[/amazon_link]‘

4. Schnipo Schranke – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00IZT7KBK“ target=“_blank“ ]Pisse[/amazon_link]‘
5. The Notwist – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00HM72F8O“ target=“_blank“ ]Kong[/amazon_link]‘

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Herzlichen Dank an Frank Spilker/Die Sterne für die Teilnahme am Heavy Pop Adventskalender 2014!

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