Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Fuck the Facts

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Fuck the Facts
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Each and every second of waiting since the previous album Die Miserable was worth it – not only because the Canadian band around Topon Das has made it easier to cope through numerous splits and EPs. Even after almost twenty years Fuck the Facts don’t allow themselves any breaks or comfort zones, but push their progressive grindcore on Desire Will Rot in unexpected directions, stay demanding and merciless – and a loose cannon on the genre’s spearhead.

KEN Mode- SuccessKEN modeSuccess

Our bands are relatively the same age, but we only really became close friends with these guys when we toured with them back in 2011. Since then they have maintained an unrelenting work ethic and we’ve been cheering for them all the way. Success is a definite hard left turn in direction, but I feel like it’s enabled them to create one of the most authentic and honest records of their career. I have no idea what „Noise Rock“ is or what’s it’s supposed to sound like, and I’m sure this shift in direction might have confused a few of their followers, but for me this record sounds fresh and unforgiving. Parts of this album also remind me of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which I mean as a compliment.

Sunflo'er - 1963Sunflo’er1963

It’s unfortunate that this album will most likely go unnoticed because I think it’s one of the most interesting and well written records that i have heard in years. Aggressive and disjointed yet catchy and poetic all at the same time. This album is a prime example that the best music just comes from friends having fun.

Fistfuck - Split with Fuck The FactsFistfuckSplit with Fuck The Facts

A little bit of a bias here, but this shit fucking rips! Old school, new school, who fucking cares. These guys have been making music forever and it shows. They know how to write music that blends the catchiness of d-beat with the face-ripping qualities of grindcore. All packed into a nice 10 minutes so it’s easy to just keep hitting repeat.

Black Tower - The Secret FireBlack TowerThe Secret Fire

I feel like this band is something that a lot of people will be talking about in a few years. Heavily addictive and catchy choruses bursting out of extremely well written old school metal tunes. Nothing that’s reinventing the wheel here, but hell, it’s been over a year and I still can’t get these songs out of my head.

Sombre - Flora And Fauna, Feast Upon My FleshSombreFlora And Fauna, Feast Upon My Flesh

I’ve been following the progression of this young band for a few years now, even when it started with their previous band; Trench. They are obviously very influenced by what is very current in the extreme music scene, but I still feel like they are able to give it their own little twist. The album reaches all over the place from noise to stoner/doom to grind and even that nu-metal breakdown thing that seems to be the rage now. My old-guy metal mentality should be saying „fuck these kids!„, but this is fun to listen to and damn well written. Some extreme beautiful guitar melodies mixed with some extreme gross smashed out riffs makes this one hell of a roller coaster ride of a release.

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Thank you, Topon Das & Fuck the Facts!

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