Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Polkov

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Polkov

While the hope for a second LP doesn’t seem to be unwarranted, a short appendix to their debut serves to bring back to mind, why a new album by Polkov is one of the most anticipated ones in the near future: Ho Un Gatto (Si Chiama Vendetta) captivates with three sun-soaked nostalgic tunes, and masterfully dances above indie, pop and folk. Mastermind Laurenz Jandl found the time to tell us about his favourite albums of the past year.

Grimes - Art angelsGrimes – Art Angels

IMO the best Grimes record to date.

Bully - Feels LikeBully – Feels Like

The most „true“ record I’ve heard in quite some time.

Bob Dylan - Shadows in the NightBob Dylan – Shadows in the Night

A must-have for fans of the late-later Dylan and Sinatra.

James Kirk - You Can Make It If You BoogieJames Kirk – You Can Make It If You Boogie

Actually that’s from 2003, but I only discovered it in 2015. A masterpiece of pop, James Kirk is one of the very greatest (who never actually made – or in his case wanted – it).

Laura Marling - Short MovieLaura Marling – Short Movie

Without a doubt the most keen and talented singer-songwriter of this decade.

Honorable Mention:

Timber Timbre - Hot DreamsTimber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Also discovered one year too late, but this album has accompanied me for the last twelve months.

Polkov online: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter | INK Music |

Besten Dank Laurenz!

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