Albums of the Year: Hodja

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Albums of the Year: Hodja

Simplified, black Rock’n’Roll to the bones is what the press release already told us very apt about Hodja in times of their debut The Band, but what it didn’t tell us, was with how much soul, gospel, blues and feeling the multinational band charges their sound up with. Besides Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. some might think about Tom Waits or Captain Beefheart, but in the end, the three-piece is cooking their own soup, and makes albums, that feel as if you’re right their with them, participating in their recording voodoo-sessions. This years Halos walks along that line consequently, and manages to effortlessly shake out some immediate sweating hits like Gazelles. And as soon, as Hodja slow down a bit, and draw back into invincible melancholic songs like Broken Engines, the gem Halos becomes more than the sum of ist parts.

Tenboi Levinson – Gitarre

a-tribe-called-quest-we-got-it-from-here-thank-you-4-your-serviceA Tribe Called Quest – We Got it From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

Awesome comeback!!

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hope-sandoval-the-warm-inventions-until-the-hunterHope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Until the Hunter

All time favourite! Amazing, seductive voice.

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F.W. Smolls – Drums

mavis-staples-livin-on-a-high-noteMavis Staples – Livin’ on a High Note

For singing the whole record on a low note, she is just awesome, keeping on with so much depth and heart.

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Gamiel Stone – Gesang

son-little-son-littleSon Little – Son Little

This has been a strange year with much great music but unfortunately I have not had time to listen to as much as I would like. But an album that surprised me and brought me some solace in these trying time was Son Little…The first studio album by an American soul musician released on ANTI– Records on October 16, 2015. Love his voice and his approach to a traditional American sound… It’s his intention (my perception of his intention) that make his classic sound feel fresh! Long live “Soul Music”…..

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