Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Brandon Hill (Cloud Rat)

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Brandon Hill (Cloud Rat)

Cloud Rat have always been more than „just“ grindcore close to perfection. No record showed this off as impressively as Qliphoth, so Thou-guitarist Andy Gibbs was completely right calling their third album their best release so far. In part responsible for the – after Moksha once more – impeccable quality of the record is the addition of Brandon Hill, who expanded the sound (and member-count) of Cloud Rat, and also found time to enrich this years Heavy Pop advent calendar.

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a ButterflyKendrick Lamar – [amazon_link id=“B00UDDM7K0″ target=“_blank“ ]To Pimp A Butterfly[/amazon_link]

An LP that’s ended up on countless lists and number #1 spots but for an infinite number of good reasons. First off, lyrics, that while on familiar topics in hip hop (hood politics, black culture, crooked cops, poverty etc.) have more meaning now than ever in a country and world rapidly unraveling, and especially when delivered with the genius level of creativity and Kendrick’s at times abstract cadences paired alongside musicianship from a cast of modern masters and producers combining funk, jazz, and the modern LA beat scene catapulting the record beyond hip hop.
A grandiose vision seldom seen in major label artists anymore. Actually, few artists in any genre have made such a record with a depth of detail with more focus on the idea of an album as a whole rather than any individual songs. Completely and utterly amazing.

Disrotted - DisrottedDisrottedDisrotted

Cloud Rat had the honor of touring with these guys last year. Easily the loudest, most crushing band I’ve ever seen that destroy anything in their path no matter how many people are watching. Far beyond any average ‚doom‘ record, instead it acts as a testament to playing punishingly slow but not salvaging incredibly hellish riffs and atmosphere. Infernal hails!

Helm - Olympic MessHelm – [amazon_link id=“B00XN5UAMC“ target=“_blank“ ]Olympic Mess[/amazon_link]

The UK drone juggernaut known as Helm grew beyond just tones on this LP into a hyper focused project of minute detail, mastery of texture, tension and being unafraid to take risks. Essential modern industrial.

Black Cilice - MysteriesBlack CiliceMysteries

The absolute essence of black metal. Hypnotic, Satanic, frozen, and extremely damaged. 3rd LP in a perfect unholy trinity from these Portuguese heathens dedicated to enveloping the light.

Björk - VulnicuraBjork – [amazon_link id=“B00SKFJGMA“ target=“_blank“ ]Vulnicura[/amazon_link]

Bjork’s break up record probably got more play from me than any other LP this year. The seemingly blasphemous marriage of frail strings with at times near explosive digital drums and production along with gorgeous melodies and lyrics of such intimate loss create a beyond crushing head-space. The center track, Black Lake, very well may be her greatest creation and personally, my favorite track of the year.

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Thanks to Brandon & Cloud Rat!

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