Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Jungbluth

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Jungbluth
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The opening track on Jungbluth’s furious sophomore album is called Everytime Geradeaus, and it accurately describes its breathless agitation: Lovecult rumbles ahead raw and poisonous, sitting more comfortable in noiserock than every other oft he band‘s record, attacking hardcore with some of their most catchy songs to date. No break for the band after this imposing tour-de-force though – while they’re having a dense calendar of live shows, Jungbluth even managed to pass by the Heavy Pop advent calendar.

Blobs - DemoBlobsDemo Cassette

Surfy but raw, sometimes lethargic hardcore punk, with a dash of weird 70s sax-sound. Sounds exhilerating, but it’s a great 7-song-tape.

Drug Church - Hit Your HeadDrug Curch – [amazon_link id=“B00H4WLPVU“ target=“_blank“ ]Hit Your Head[/amazon_link] / [amazon_link id=“B00H4WKLKQ“ target=“_blank“ ]Swell 7″[/amazon_link]

Drug Chruch belong on such a list in any case. A bit grungy, a bit on the hardcore side, but always catchy. Awesome production on a very versatile album that was playing in the van a lot. Whoever likes this might want to give the Swell 7“ a listen (But Does It Work = Hit).


Lewd. Primitive. Echo. Punk. Sounds like Japan, but comes from Australia. Four songs, everything to the max. They continue their soar after their first demo. And awesomley raw live as well. What else.

G.L.O.S.S. - DemoG.L.O.S.S.Demo

Ooooha! Pushing punk with charged content where everything just fits. Sounds like anger, energy, and a huge „Fuck Off!“, and is one of those demos taht stay for a long time, in the ear, and the turntable. More like it. Please!

Replicant - Black LightReplicantBlack Light EP

Dystopian Synthwave, industrial, 80s and fog. Not at all my genre, but bandcamp lets you stumble across interesting bands from time to time. My foot even taps along sometimes. Was running up and down.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet and Other DistressGodspeed You! Black Emperor – [amazon_link id=“B00TY18YSQ“ target=“_blank“ ]Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress[/amazon_link]

The perfect soundtrack fort he winter that has yet to show up. It’s a 45 minute piece that manages to establish a thrill from beginning to the end. Somehow GY!BE manage to convince with every record. Even in a likable way. Ando ne of these very special live bands.

Also listened a lot to:

mewithoutyou – [amazon_link id=“B00WGEA940″ target=“_blank“ ]Pale Horses[/amazon_link]
Metz – [amazon_link id=“B00UL1EOUK“ target=“_blank“ ]II[/amazon_link]
Pretty HurtsMake Graves
PUP – [amazon_link id=“B00I3I0A8I“ target=“_blank“ ]PUP[/amazon_link]
Cigarettes After Sex – II.
Warm Graves – Ships Will Come

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Thanks, Jungbluth!

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