Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Nicholas DiSalvo (Elder)

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Nicholas DiSalvo (Elder)
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Lore is massive and mighty, yet in constant flow and motion, between the ruthless foundation of monster groove laid down by Jack Donovan and Marr Couto and the spacious guitars by Nicholas DiSalvo, it blurs into a dreamscape of unfathomable depth, that is as sweaty as it is hypnotic. Adrian Dexter’s artwork could’nt fit more perfect, while on their third album, Elder push their imposing stoner rock to new, transcending heights, emitting a playfulness that is reminsicent of Motorpsycho. So Nick DiSalvo’s preference for Scandinavian bands, that is evident in his kind contribution to the Heavy Pop advent calendar, is just as fitting as Elders new home on Stickman Records.

Anekdoten - Until All The Ghosts Are GoneAnekdoten – [amazon_link id=“B00V16HVQI“ target=“_blank“ ]Until All The Ghosts Are Gone[/amazon_link]

This Swedish powerhouse has been a favorite of mine for years. Their unique, brooding take on melodic prog rock is very emotive and I love seeing where their compositions will take you. Also, I like anything with lots of Mellotron.

Hills - FridHills – [amazon_link id=“B0127JXXGY“ target=“_blank“ ]Frid [/amazon_link]

Lush, droning jams that evoke mental pictures of crazy acid jams in the woods… Hills’ first offering piqued my interest a few years back, and Frid really hits the spot for some pure analog psychedelia.

Spidergawd - IISpidergawd – [amazon_link id=“B00SKIRK6G“ target=“_blank“ ]II[/amazon_link]

Holy shit! Rolf from Stickman sent me this record and it immediately made me bang my head while listening to it in my car. Really cool rock and roll with one of the best drummers out there, Motorpsycho’s own Kenneth Kapstad.

Dungen - Allas SakDungen – [amazon_link id=“B010EFLMNY“ target=“_blank“ ]Allas Sak [/amazon_link]

Dungen has always been one of my favorite bands and while this release took a little longer to grow on me, it’s still the same beautiful mixture of folk, psych rock and jazz that has entranced me for years.

Eternal Tapestry - Wild StrawberriesEternal Tapestry – [amazon_link id=“B00SBMEEEM“ target=“_blank“ ]Wild Strawberries[/amazon_link]

I hadn’t heard of this band until their 2015 release, but it was a real positive surprise. Meditative, shimmering, and hypnotic psychedelia that I get lost in every time I hear the record.

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Thank you very much, Nick !

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