Top 5 Records 2012: Joe Volk

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Top 5 Records 2012: Joe Volk
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Bristol based Singer Songwriter Joe Volk choose his 5 favourite records of 2012. Cheers!

Goat - World Music[amazon_link id=“B008MM7C2C“ target=“_blank“ ]Goat – ‚World Music‘[/amazon_link]
„GOAT are a music collective, with the current three core members based in a small village in Sweden called Korpilombolo, which is where the ongoing collective originated and has always been based. This record came out on Rocket Recordings, who are very good friends of Invada. A bizarre and uplifting psychedelic rock record which reveals more with each listen. Folk songs with fuzz guitars, tribal beats, eclectic samples and African, even South American sounding hypnotic vocals. It makes for a great record. They are like the Finnish band Kingston Wall mixed with Zun Zun Egui, but different.“
Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE [amazon_link id=“B008CNG52O“ target=“_blank“ ]Frank Ocean – ‚channel ORANGE‘[/amazon_link]
I guess you could describe this record as modern R+B, which I am not a fan of. However, somehow this album has seeped into me. There are six or seven amazing songs on this record. I have come back to Channel Orange time and time again. I have great respect for Frank Ocean as a songwriter and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next. I think his new record is near completion. He is also part of the OFWGK†Δ collective who were introduced to me by my friend Natch, and now I am their fan.

Trash Talk - 119[amazon_link id=“B0091V6TCW“ target=“_blank“ ]Trash Talk – ‚119‘[/amazon_link]

They are a hardcore band from the West Coast of the US. This is their second or third album I think. I first heard a few of the tracks from the record Steve Albini produced on an Internet radio station. I think one track had track Keith Morris on vocals, but anyway, then I forgot about the band until I read a feature on them this year. I picked up a copy of the record and really like it. There is a time and place for this, so I don’t listen to it as much as some of the others in this list, but when I am in the right mood for it it, it’s amazing. Radical.“


Beak[amazon_link id=“B0083VZ5OO“ target=“_blank“ ]Beak> – ‚>>‘[/amazon_link]
„I love Beak>. Obviously there is a connection through Invada, but I really rate them as a band. ‚I Know‘ on their first album is one of my most favourite songs of all time. I saw them for the first time in nearly three years in London afew weeks ago and they are a fantastic live band. I would also like to include the single they just released ‚Mono‘ as well, even though it’s not on the record. Geoff’s vocals are great, and it’s like the new ‚I Know‘ for me. The track ‚Yatton‘ from the record is awesome too. There you have it.“

Lana del Rey - Born to Die[amazon_link id=“B0064IP0SE“ target=“_blank“ ]Lana Del Ray – ‚Born To Die‘[/amazon_link]
My last choice was between this record, ‚Who Needs Who‘ by Dark Dark Dark and ‚Visions‘ by Grimes. I chose this as I have gone back to it the most, and it has more longevity for me than the others. I first heard ‚Video Games‘ and bought it on the basis of that. The first few times I listened to it I was really put off because of the production, which I still am in many ways. I was going to take it back, but like Frank Ocean, it ended up working into me somehow. It’s quite pop, but the strength of (some of) the songs shine through the production with time. She didn’t write all the songs herself so her co-writers are included in this choice. I love the magnificence and range of her voice. That is that.“

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