Albums of the Year List by: Paper Arms

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Albums of the Year List by: Paper Arms

I may be an optimist“ declares Josh Mann on ‚Bright Lights‘, and not without reason: on their sophomore album (and their first on Uncle M) ‚The Smoke Will Clear‚ , the Australian quartet Paper Arms honoured every promise their debut ‚Days Above Ground‚ made to predict them as one of the up and coming young punk rock bands. So while Paper Arms can view into the future quite optimistically, singer/guitarist Josh Mann took his time for the Heavypop Advent calender to compile his favourite 5 records of the past year 2013.

Violent Soho - Hungry Ghost1. Violent Soho – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00ELTS56C“ target=“_blank“ ]Hungry Ghost[/amazon_link]‘
These guys are an Australian favourite right now. If you get a chance check out their last, self-titled, full length too. Big riffs, great melodies, great band.

Daylight - Jar2. Daylight – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00BDSRGEG“ target=“_blank“ ]Jar[/amazon_link]‘
Everyone’s been talking about a 90’s revival for a while now, but Daylight have brought it kicking and screaming back to life. Huge guitar sounds and great songs. We toured with these guys about 4 years ago when all either band had was a demo. It’s been great watching them grow and become a band that really is on another level to most of their peers.

Paint It Black - Invisible3. Paint It Black – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00CCV9Y7K“ target=“_blank“ ]Invisible[/amazon_link]‘
This is one of my favourite bands, and although other Dan Yemin bands hold a load of sentimental value, for me this is my favourite project he’s done. This EP is classic Paint It Black goodness. Everything I love from punk, hardcore and emo condensed into 6 short blasts. Super pissed off, but some how uplifting and optimistic all at once. I love this band.

The Flatliners - Dead Language4. The Flatliners – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00EB09SZS“ target=“_blank“ ]Dead Language[/amazon_link]‘
Punk rock’s quiet achievers. The Flatliners aren’t a band that I’ve ever heard overly hyped. They’ve never really „exploded“ onto a scene. More so, they’ve worked their asses off, touring non-stop and writing some great music and are getting recognised more and more as time goes on. They’re an amazing band live and recorded and some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Awesome new album, from some genuinely awesome people that have earned everything they have.

Apart From This - In Gloom5. Apart From This – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00BUB4KTK“ target=“_blank“ ]In Gloom[/amazon_link]‘
‚In Gloom‘ is a brilliant debut from this young Melbourne band. Catchy as hell and with some killer songs that are as good as anyone’s. Keep an eye on Apart From This.

Thanks again to Josh Mann, Paper Arms – und of course Mirko from Uncle M – to join the Heavypop advend calender!

Paper Arms online: Facebook | Myspace | Uncle M | Poison City Records

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