Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Fjørt

von am 13. Dezember 2014 in Adventskalender 2014

Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Fjørt

Okay, what kind of reckless style amalgam ist he opening title track? The mercilessly slaying ‚Schnaiserkitt‚? How epic in scope is the wave breaking ‚Valhalla‚? Fjort actually need no more than these three songs to leave the listener speechless, but they do it another seven times. Close to nine months after the release of ‚D’accord‚ we still marvel at This Charming Man for their 6th signing sense; at the enormous explosion in performance, that wasn’t to be expected in this magnitude after the very promising introductory-round of ‚Demontage‚, or that this record has indeed been mangled out of their instruments by a three-piece wrecking ball.

Heisskalt – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00I4F5U4E“ target=“_blank“ ]Vom Stehen und Fallen[/amazon_link]‘
A record that just took us in completely. Great songs, great guys. Maybe I just save a whole lot of complicated words and just say: this is great music. It just is.

The Tidal Sleep – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00L3Q4CHW“ target=“_blank“ ]Vorstellungskraft[/amazon_link]‘
Whoever wants atmosphere needs The Tidal Sleep. Wonderfully brutal sounds, floating on a carpet of melodies, served raw. This goes deep. And then Nicolas with his grater-throat finishes me off. See ya!
Findus – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00I17CZZM“ target=“_blank“ ]Vis a Vis[/amazon_link]‘
Lüam, this sight to behold on the mic, croons at us pretty often in the car with his unmistakeable voice. And on top of that a big fat portion of indie with cream on top. A rocking foot. Sick. A lot of dashboards died!
The Intersphere – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00HS48594″ target=“_blank“ ]Relations in the Unseen[/amazon_link]‘
An album that stands by itself regarding aesthetic in sound and that Wow!-element. Great art on the guitars, kick-ass rhythm, doozy voice on top of that. Whoever never heard of them before, change that immediatly, yesterday if possible.

Architects – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00HUGK7N2″ target=“_blank“ ]Lost Forever/Lost Together[/amazon_link]‘
Top-tier banging from Brighton. Admittedly, they keep adding fuel to the fire regarding their love of loud screaming-music. This LP does it again. My fellow passengers in the car may be tired oft hem. My neck not for a long time yet! (Chris)

We were only allowed five, but we’ve got half a record more, since it’s a 3-track-EP:

Felias – ‚Mein Bruder, das Meer
Somehow it played permanently through our tour in April. „The Dangerous Summer“ from Halle. Heard them on the internet and immediatly ordered everything by them. It’s rare, but that’s how it was with Felias. LP in 2015 – thrilled!

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Many Thanks to Fjørt for the participation to the Heavy Pop Advent calendar!

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