Albums of the Year List by: Melt-Banana

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Albums of the Year List by: Melt-Banana

The first Melt-Banana album after six years – furthermore the first album as duo with synthetic Bass- and Drumtracks – could have been anticipated with mixed feelings. And singer Yasuko and genius Guitarist Agata? Release ‚Fetch‚ one of their best albums so far, a Melt-Banana fireworks extravaganza, with the only downside being that the next album may again be away half a decade. On day 17 of the HeavyPop Advent calender the Japanese cult outfit tells us about their favourite records of 2013 – and beyond.

AZLP0009 LP artwork1. Melt-Banana – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00ESPGN3G“ target=“_blank“ ]Fetch[/amazon_link]‘
We spent most of the time in 2013 for Fetch. So it is #1 of course! We listened to it thousands times during the recording, so whether we liked it or not, we picked this one anyway.

Low Fat - Too Big Target2. Wednesday – ‚Wednesday‘
2. Low Fat – ‚Too Big Target
2. Dessin the World – ‚A plan named overlap #2
This year we visited Thailand for the first time and met many people and bands. It was another big thing for us this year.

Hex Machine - Fixator3. Hex Machine – ‚[amazon_link id=“B009HLOACW“ target=“_blank“ ]Fixator[/amazon_link]‘
Hex Machine’s ‚Fixator‚ is the lp done by one of our oldest friends.

1976 - 'One Night Seventy-Six'4. 1976 – ‚One Night Seventy-Six
We visited Taiwan, too!

Gridlink - Longhena5. Gridlink – ‚Longhena‚ (Upcoming new album)
We are not sure if we can put this because it’s not out yet. We got a copy of finished work somehow and it sounded great. So we put this here and you can check this out soon or probably next year.

Melt-Banana online: Facebook | Homepage | A-Zap Records

Thanks to Yako and Agata / MxBx for joining the Heavypop advent calender 2013!

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