Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Wreck and Reference

von am 18. Dezember 2014 in Adventskalender 2014

Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Wreck and Reference

It’s awesome to hear the future of heavy rock music existing in a place that appeals to a metal aesthetic but doesn’t involve guitarsKayo Dot mastermind Toby Driver told us, referring to ‚Want‚, the second LP by Wreck and Reference. Indeed the California based duo of Ignat Frege and Felix Skinner succeeded in perfecting their incredibly independent sound, and creating a maelstrom of an album that is as schizoid as it is unsettling, and gives of a fascinating disturbing atmosphere. Maybe ‚Want‚ is a bit ahead of its time, right here and right now it works as the lurking, hautingly beautiful beast in the darkness under the bed of genre boundaries.

Self Defense Family‚[amazon_link id=“B00GKIBY8I“ target=“_blank“ ]Try Me[/amazon_link]‘
I saw Self Defense Family a few months ago. Their shirtless vocalist looked dead-eyed at the 20 people at the show and said “This city, it seems to me, is one without any hint of character.” He also yelled a lot and used words like “dither” and “apport” and had “reject the factory, reject the cubicle” tatted on his chest. In other words, he’s probably a very chill dude.

Planning for Burial – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00J0YAAOI“ target=“_blank“ ]Desideratum[/amazon_link]‘
Do you like being torn apart from the inside? If so, Thom is your man. He outpaces us all with every release.

HTRK – ‚[amazon_link id=“B00IAHQU40″ target=“_blank“ ]Psychic 9-5 Club[/amazon_link]‘
“You know I’ve got mood swings I got no control of” is a phrase that perfectly encapsulates my inner dialogue and interpersonal relationships. The minimalism and dark synths give a sort of terminal buzz, the melodies creep up on the ass.

Lewis[amazon_link id=“B00J0YAA6G“ target=“_blank“ ]L’amour[/amazon_link]‘
How is this the perfect album to listen to as you die, limply clutching the hands of your family, stumbling to the light in a narcotic stupor – but also – the perfect album to stumble into your wake after staging your death and murder-suiciding those who held your hand and cried as they watched you fade? Is this proof of a beneficent God or more of Satan’s trickery?

Carey Mercer – ‚Clouds of Evil (Book)‘
Since Mercer’s album Skin of Evil I’ve really been bent out of shape. The book, partly about Mercer’s itinerant youth and punk rock, is really funny and way too short.

Ian William Craig[amazon_link id=“B00M6ONG2C“ target=“_blank“ ]A Turn of Breath[/amazon_link]‘
Power and restraint are turn-ons for many, and palliative for others. A squeeze chute of an album. Peaks of numbness and sensation that are far too extravagant in their beauty for this sensible world.

Wreck and Reference online: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube | The Flenser

Many Thanks to Wreck and Refernce for their participation to the Heavy Pop Advent calender 2014!

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