Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Keeper

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Favourite Records of the Year. Selected by: Keeper

Not even a year after Keeper from California introduced themselves with the outstanding MMXIV, all the promises this first demo made are carried through: while the splits with Sea Bastard and Old Witch would have been enough in that regard, Penny Keats and Jacob Lee outdid themselves with The Space Between Your Teeth, summoning a misanthropic doom-maelstrom perfect in form. The heights Keeper are able to grow into know no limits, but at least in 2015 nearly every other heavy band had to eat their dust.

Jacob und Penny:

sohidcoverSo Hideous – [amazon_link id=“B0144R8LVE“ target=“_blank“ ]Laurestine[/amazon_link]

A beautiful piece of work. The individual songs do not stand out to me as much as a couple songs from [amazon_link id=“B00JJWNOR6″ target=“_blank“ ]Last Poem / First Light[/amazon_link], but from start to finish this album flows amazingly and does a great job at telling the story it set out to. I’m very glad I didn’t have to wait long for more music from this band after I found them last year.


Sam Smith - In the Lonely HourSam Smith – [amazon_link id=“B00H3GZMIE“ target=“_blank“ ]In the Lonely Hour[/amazon_link]

Okay so this came out last year, but a deluxe edition came out this year and I only really listened to it this year. Just looking at my iTunes play counts for these songs should give it a mention in this list. This guy has the voice of an angel and I love the bluesy acoustic songs but even the more electronic ones have grown on me.

Black Sheep Wall - I'm Going to Kill MyselfBlack Sheep Wall – [amazon_link id=“B00Q4340X0″ target=“_blank“ ]I’m Going to Kill Myself[/amazon_link]

This album impressed me so much. The production is loud and crisp which makes everything sound angrier. There are so many memorable and catchy parts, even the most minimal, one-note chugging ones. Brandon’s vocals carry the lyrics very well making the songs actually very sad. This album does not feel like it’s over an hour.


Skull Incision - VemödalenSkull IncisionVemödalen

For those of you who don’t know. Skull Incision is our very own Jacob’s solo project. His past few releases have been pretty spot on and are solely responsible for the formation of Keeper. He released a couple doom tracks and I said „Dude, these rule we gotta start a doom band“. Naturally I keep up on his solo doings so when this came out and he told me to check it out, I of course did, and hot damn! Think of all the cool heavy somber stuff from the Keeper demo and put it into a more polished release and you have this album here. It’s super neat to listen to Jacob’s ideas outside the context of Keeper and really see them shine and take form. This just proves how much of a driving force this guy is for anything that Keeper has accomplished. It’s the perfect mix of heavy somber doom and the black metal riffs are exactly how I like them. Two thumbs up buddy! This makes me so proud to be apart of the Keeper project with you!

Meet Me In Montauk - Where the Grass Meets the PavementMeet Me In Montauk – [amazon_link id=“B00R0IXZIE“ target=“_blank“ ]Where the Grass Meets the Pavement[/amazon_link]

It just so happens that both of my picks are from Fresno, which was completely unintentional. I am not a giant emo fan by any means, but when Nathan told me about this new album and sent me the tracks I had it on repeat for weeks. The vocals are the perfect amount of ’not-whiny‘ and the pretty technical guitar writing continually impress me. I have known everyone in the band since before the band and to see them all come together for something so lovely is A+. This album really feels next level to me. The song writing is so solid it’s strange to think of them as a ‚local band‘. No lie, I have found nothing else from the ‚emo revival‘ that I have even listened to all the way through. So yes fellas, on repeat for weeks is saying something.

I want to honorable mention:

Teeth - UnremittanceTeeth – [amazon_link id=“B00RYZ9VRC“ target=“_blank“ ]Unremittance[/amazon_link]

I was going to pick it as my number one, but as I went to write this I found out it came out 2014. That album blew me away either way.

Keeper online: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Thank you very much, Jacob & Penny!

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